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April 28, 2011

Photo of the Day//Baby Love

Baby Eli, my nephew, and my sister Sarah came to visit me tonight! Isn't he cute??

Shortly before this photo was taken Sarah was changing his diaper and he peed right in between her legs.

He peed her pants.

These things happen when your a mom. I won't become one any time soon.

Tomorrow is Friday which means I'm waking up at 5 to watch The Royal Wedding. Yes I am. I can't wait to see her dress! Then its the weekend:) Any fun plans?

April 27, 2011

Photo of the Day//My Kitty, Rosta

This is my Kitty-Cat, Rosta! I actually named him when I was 12 after the Rasta Grill in Austin, Texas. I didn't know about the whole rastafarian thing yet...

So that clears that up.

All of my "Photo of the Day" photos are taken with my Canon EOS 50D-standard lense and are lightly edited on my computer. Usually just high contrast and focusing are added to the image. I added a vignette and desaturated this image to give it a cozy look.

I've never been super into pet photography but have recently stumbled upon some really inspiring and creative photos of pets.

Do you have a favorite pet photo or pet photographer? I'd love to see!

April 26, 2011

Photo of the Day//Family Love

This photo of my sisters pretty family was taken Easter weekend at my moms house there's a ton more cute ones but this one is my favorite. Fun Fact: Tuesdays are my favorite day:) Happy Tuesday!

April 23, 2011

Photo of the Day//Anti-Abortion Nazis

I found this while visiting my sister about an hour away from Spingfield, Mo I thought it would make for very powerful photos. It is a graveyard for aborted babies. It is impossibly disrespectful. Kudos to you small town, Missouri.

April 5, 2011


A dear friend recently told me about shopruche and I can't thank her enough:)

The new ShopRuche look book is so pretty! I lovelove the photography! I'm really into super sunny hazy photos. With sun spots. There must be sun spots.
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Gorgeous, no? I've been so so busy with homework this week its been exhausting!! But tomorrow Patrick and I are going to Kansas City to see Queens of the Stone Age play! I'm so excited. Of course I'm happy to see them play but my favorite part about these little trips is the nostalgia. Road trips are something we've been doing since we were very first together and we have our own K.C. traditions. I love being trapped in the car with him for 3 hours and talking! I cant wait. See you thursday:)

April 1, 2011

Holy Vintage!

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Hi there! I just wanted to pop in and share some of my favorite vintage items from etsy right now! Ive been in a serious vintage mood lately so enjoy!
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I love this juice jar from topshop!
it sort of matches this jelly bean jar that i thrifted:
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now i really think i need it...

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very obsessed with this carry on from trustfund21...
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im loving hats for spring this season and this one from humblevintagethreadsis so perfect!
Happy Friday! We bought Black Swan tonight so I'm going to go snuggle up with the boy and watch it! love that movie.