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March 30, 2011

Just-for-fun shoot

The other day my good friend Shannon and I went to take some pretty spring photos, even though around here its still like, freezing. I was in the mood for spring, I mean, its almost April people! So I introduce to you, the lovely Shannon Kiley...
(p.s. her last name is my first name! and she spells it the same! i think this friendship was meant to be:)

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isn't she pretty?:)
I'm off to my sister, Anje's house to play with the nephew and eat yummy food, happy wednesday!

March 24, 2011


I have only scrap-booked a couple times in my whole life but have always wanted to make it a steady hobby. The big 12x12 scrapbook paper intimidates me to pieces so I made a mini one to start and i am in love with this craft now!

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My sister, Sarahs pages. I used old book paper, scrap fabric (my favorite prints), buttons, mini polaroids, and graph paper. I also cut out a poem from an old book that reminded me of her:) her page is my favorite!

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The opening and patricks page. I used blank book paper, buttons, fabric and a little bit of paint ♥

Im totally in love with with mini scrapbooks. I love that you can use anything in your house to make them eye-catching and personal. The possibilities are endlessss!

I used a mini edgar allen poe book-set as paper supply, it was perfect size and made for an interesting back ground.
I also have an old view-finder that my grandma got for me lying around. I love view finders. and i love them more for aesthetic design purposes. I made a page for my older sister using one. So pretty.
Theses mini pages were easy to fill and I had so much fun designing pages while listening to muse and the cure. it was like, the perfect night:)

March 20, 2011

My Sunday Outfit...

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Today was beautiful here in Springfield. Boyfriend and I went to Branson to spend a date-day together and we accidentally spent like 60 dollars on hot sauce...oops:) but we made fantastic chili! I even sweat a little. Thats a good sign, right?

Outfit deatils:
Dress&tights-envy, Shoes-charlotte russe, Camera necklace-gifted for valentines day, suitcase-hrifted and hand painted by me, glasses-breaking. (Thought I'd share since its been occupying my mind more than anything lately. So deeply annoying. My glasses need to die.)

Um, goodnight! Its bubble bath time for me.

March 13, 2011

Birthday Bash!

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My nephews birthday party was yesterday but mostly it was a fun excuse to get everyone together, he was just enjoying his new swing set and extended access to 20 different peoples cell phones. Patrick and I took him to get a build-a-bear, he was less than impressed... I took advantage of the beautiful decorations and pretty people to snap a few fun shots.
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And a beautiful photo of sarah and Eli:)
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The bad thing about being the designated photographer at every function is that there are never any photos of myself, oops:) But wasn't it pretty? My sister is the best party thrower, agreed? Happy Sunday!

March 11, 2011

Modcloth Wish*List

Have I mentioned how in love I am with Modcloth? Ill say it again, I ♥ Modcloth! Here's my latest wish list. Now I just have to find a bank to rob... just kidding. I wouldn't rob a bank. I repeat, I will not rob a bank for the sake of insanely cute things. Now that that's cleared up:

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The Soda Fountain Dress in Ginger.

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Morning Glory Coffeehouse Dress

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Blooming Brush Strokes Dress

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Atop the Grand Staircase Dress!

First off, I wanna know who comes up with all these brilliant names for product? Its a sneaky and very catchy sales tactic... I'm not above being sucked right in.
Second, my fashion sense has been highly influenced by Chuck from Pushing Daisies lately if you couldn't tell, and if you couldn't tell, shame on you for not watching that show.
Happy Weekend! Does anyone have any fun plans??

March 10, 2011

Happy birthday, Caden!

Today is my nephew, Cadens happy birthday. He's 2! And I can't even believe how fast he grows! He is the most fun toddler in town:) and has way too much personality his favorite sayings are
"hi" (while calling random people from whatever phone he can get his hands on)
"go" which means 'follow me... Now!'
"Mo pees" (more please)
"gabbagabba" (it's a toddler disease.)

He loves to:
Watch yo gabba gabba
Listen to music and dance
Wash his hands...umm I think my sister is raising Mr. Clean...
He loves mowing with daddy and of course his favorite person on the planet is me:)
Here Are my favorite iPhone photos of him:)

We had a photo shoot at the studio today for him with cake and rain boots. So fun:)
Happy 2nd birthday, Caden!
Love, auntie Kiley

March 4, 2011

We're opening a record store!

No we're not, actually.

but we could.

We made a CD city in our living room tonight.

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whatchoo know 'bout that?!
We went furniture shopping for a home for all of these CD's, they're not mine but boyfriend has an unhealthy obsession with buying cd's...multiples of most. Its a problem. So we got everything organized and we loooove it. Afterward we finished the night off with sweet cherry pie. Fitting, right?:).


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Ive been feeling so unmotivated and yuck lately. Maybe its that this season cant decide if it wants to be winter or spring, or maybe I'm feeling uninspired. Wait no I am feeling uninspired. Its not very fun. But on a good note, these spring suits by fashion god Betsey Johnson brightened up my day this morning. How cute are they?! I want number 1. and 4. please:) and of course the one-piece, It looks like a very cute boat trip suit!

I've been taking long walks, journaling, and daydreaming a lot. What sorts of things do you do when your feeling down and in a rut?