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December 30, 2010

2011 Goals

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Hello Im back with Goals for the new year! Its always a fun way to document everything you can accomplish and really know that your fulfilling yourself. I went through my 2010 new years goals list tonight and was surprised at how much I actually got accomplished from the list!
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I did all of those things and more! Its really important to me to set goals that are realistic for me I could put down that I want to work out everyday for an hour, that wont happen so I put things like pracice yoga or experiment with my camera, things that are fun and inspiring and new. Last year I wanted to paint 50 new paintings before the new year, but I realized I didnt care that much, I paint because its relaxing, that goal made it feel like a job so this year I focused on things that are realistic and fun but also challenging and fulfilling!
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1. Photo book Nature vs. Nurture. This is my BIG goal and Ill explain more later I dont want to jinx it ;)
2.New line at iNDie. Something fun to make that she doesnt already have. Oh and it has to be really cute, too.
3. Draw more. I like to draw and Ive gotten lazy.
4.Self portrait everyday. Explained in an earlier post.
5.Get a dog. This starts with the convincing of the boyfriend.
6.Save money! I suck at saving money.
7.Expand this blog. Blog more. mhm.
8.Travel! Were thinking about a cruise in march!
9.Transfer to MSU by december. :)
Im very inspired by the new year! Happy New years eve! Dont wake up drunk in a dumpster somewhere on the 1st.

Belated Christmas...

Oh, hi there internet. Its been awhile. Lets catch up, yes? My christmas was beautiful! and guess what I got??? A polaroid MINI! Ive been wanting one for at least a yer and a half. yes, ive been counting. Image and video hosting by TinyPic this photo was taken with my new ipod touch using the hipstamatic app. love it. We spent the holiday at my sisters and then drove to kansas to see his family it was a quiet and beautiful day. Image and video hosting by TinyPic my nephew and my pops.:) love them. The next day we went to my moms new house, theres only one word to describe it. Its GRAND! Image and video hosting by TinyPic it has a built in TP! My dream! Image and video hosting by TinyPic me and monkey <3 Image and video hosting by TinyPic Ive been busy putting a baby shower together for my sister sarah. Its been so much fun! But Im stuck on baby shower games. Any suggestions for nontraditional baby shower games? Ill be back late tonight with a new years resolution post!

December 25, 2010



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Merry Christmas! I'm having a fantastic day and blogging from my new iPod touch! Hope you have a magical day:) I'll be back tomorrow with lots of photos!

December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions and Tiny New Years Goals

Oh My! It's Christmas Eve Eve! Funny Story: I did all my christmas shopping today. Its one of my traditions, and not a treasured one, it just happens every year.

Other fun christmas traditions include opening our christmas eve pajamas, my mom and dad have done this since I can remember and its one of my very favorite things about christmas.

Sticky buns and homemade hot cocoa at my sisters house christmas morning while opening gifts is another one.

Other ones are yet to be made since my family has undergone some serious changes in the past year but Im looking forward to the change. Its always fun to celebrate the holidays with new traditions and new people. Patrick and I started making homemade apple cider together this year, its the little things that make the winter months so special.

On another note I have a ew new years goals to name off! Im making a full list to share but ill share a few good ones now first:
Goal number 1. save money. Im going to live like a poor person this year.
Goal number 2. Im going to start a flickr account and do a self portrait everyday for the whole year. Im really excited about this and I think its an old game but Im ok with that, itll give me a reason to pick up my camera everyday for just a little bit instead of waiting for a shoot or special occasion. I treat my camera like a baby. I only use it on special occasions because I dont want to break it and its not paid off yet:/ but its time. and Im excited.

Happy Christmas eve eve! Im making cucumber sandwiches and hot cocoa! night!

December 20, 2010


i took newborn baby pictures today of lauren and drews beautiful baby boy, Owen. Ok, hes not just beautiful because hes a baby, this kid is model-ready at 10 days old. heres a peak at my favorite photo from today
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cute, huh?
today was a very big learning experience for me. i take photos of several newborns each day at work and I consider myself quite good at capturing beautiful images but out there in the big bad world, things are not the same. without the lighting, baby posers, and all around atmosphere of a studio its completely different.
Today the lighting was not on my side plus it was really dreary out so i couldnt even place him next to a window for good light, I had to resort to flash photography, not fun. luckily i had a very cute baby to work with and fantastic color schemes, I think it turned out quite well. But I know what to prepare for next time. I love learning and gaining knowledge about my craft. going through the learning process is something that is very special to me. trial and error leads to a very creative process.
Happy Monday:) Im off to watch Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special!

December 18, 2010


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today was a very sick day for me. but im a trooper, after guilt tripping my boss to let me stay home i failed and went in anyway, but only for 3 hours.

It all started yesterday morning on arguably one of the most important days of my sisters life, i woke up brought her starbucks and watched her graduate from college!!! it was such a happy time and I am sososo proud of her! but shortly after, I got sickly. like, puking-green-slime-cant-walk-or-open-your-eyes sick. bummer. and it was my dads birthday yesterday. double bummer. At least I got to attend the ceremony and watch the very first person in my entire family to graduate college. It was sort of a big deal. like, way big. and again, im so proud and inspired by her motivation and dedication, i am at such an advantage to have a big sister that has paved the way for me to succeed. lovelovelove her.
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Im wrapping presents and then going to bed. nightnight.

December 4, 2010

photo inspiration: yarn.

I have a gumball machine. Its true, I got it from a highschool boyfriend for my 16th, its pretty. So I dumped the gumballs out tonight and voila! it became the new home for my yarn and a fashionable one if i do say so myself, very pleasing to the eye. You agree, yes?
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and a journal peek, of favorite quotes from cartoons, and happy thoughts I dont want to forget:) Im going to take a bubble bath. night!

December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

It was my Mothers birthday today! She just turned 30! Umm...she started early? Ok, Im lying. I dont know how old she is...she won't tell me. But she doesnt look a day over 30, right?

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Us wearing vintage sunglasses. She made fun of them. I thought they were cute. She just doesnt understand.
I just wanted to showcase the strongest woman I know. She's so inspiring to me. I love you, mom!

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ive been knitting cute things for cute little girls in my life all night:) and watching girly movies. and of course doing homework. It never ends. Actually it does, in about a week. I cant wait!!!!

December 1, 2010

December Playlist

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Ive been listening to these songs over and over again. I think I have a disorder of sorts. Once I get a couple good songs in my head, I cant stop listening to them. These will last me a good part of december. Happy 1st day Christmas!

November 29, 2010

Decorations up!

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Im super excited. too bad we only have this to hang on our tree, plus the balls. Its a photo of us from last year and i think it needs a friend but we have christmas pictures this thursday so maybe ill grab another ornament, I cant wait!:)

Tonight im going to knit, drink hot chocolate, and do mass amounts of homework.
Happy Monday!

November 28, 2010

the holidays are magical.

are you interested in what i have been up too? well, im interested in telling you. in the past two weeks i have:

*been extremely gluttonous
*spent way to much money
*taken care of my broken boyfriend
*set up christmas decorations
*done too much homework
*taken way too many photos of pretty families at work

I'm currently sewing an advent calendar, reading Kat Von D's new book: Tattoo Chronicles, and.............watching hannah montana.... disregard that last one please, erase that fun fact from your memory.

I'll share photos of my beautiful christmas decorations soonsoon (i feel soooo cozy i wish it could be christmas all the time!!)

but first a few of my favorite things this season:
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pinecones are the perfect decoration. cheap and beautiful for festive decor.

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hot cocoa for 2! we love godiva hot chocolate. i love godiva anything:)
fun fact: he buys me godiva chocolates every holiday and birthday!

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cute advent calendar ideas! Im making mine right now.

its almost december! how excited are you?!

November 15, 2010


....was quiet.
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A beautifully dreary day (weather wise) to celebrate the coming of my mans 28th year of life. We slept until 1130..ok i did anyways. Went to his record store (I dont think he could last an entire day without walking through those doors) and picked up his deeelish birthday cake from our favorite downtown sweets baker, Susie, of Myrles, a delightful local hotdog joint (with wonderful options for veggies like myself, too). and finished off the night with a good KU game with friends...we didnt bring the cake, he wanted it all to himself:) ha!
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Birthday Boy!

Theres a very special scorpio in my life celebrating his 28th birthday today! I am super blessed to have such a wonderful boy ♥

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I wanted to share one of my favorite things about his physical appearance...his tattoos. Get your minds out of the gutters people!

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My favorite!

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Yeah, hes cute.
Well we're off to have a tiny celebration with friends and family...and cake! More to come.

November 11, 2010

Sewing time

The time has come...to sew and share. Enjoy.

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I was patching my work pants up, making tags, and felling inspired to take some intricate photos. This is what happened. Goodnight, I've a long weekend:)

November 7, 2010

New Camera *loves*

I got a surprise today! My papa called with fantastic news of a present that i "may or may not want" he has a friend that picks up random hobbies and in the 80's his hobby was photography, lucky for me, he had tons of stuff left over!!! look look at what i got

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5 lenses (!!!) I have a thing for lenses and antlers lately. I want to make a Christmas display in my house of mixture of the two....is that weird?

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And would you take a look at that?!?! Beautiful leather lens cases and a 1985 minolta 7000. I have no idea how to use it:) It will be such a fun learning experience for me though, I would love to really know how my camera works and this is the perfect way to become acquainted with the technical side of camera settings. I'm. in. love. Plus the whole kit is extremely aesthetically pleasing, don't you think?

and here's what I've been up to lately...
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just...biting people...
having no internet does things to me...

November 5, 2010


My internet hasn't been working. And my life sucks because of it. Thats all.

October 26, 2010

iNDie Facebook Feature!

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My shtuff has been delivered! Now my headbands have a new home amongst other adorable local handmade and vintage goods! they would love to go home with you though;)
go ahead, look around:)

October 24, 2010

beautiful families, snacks, and magical days

first off, look at this beautiful family I found today... the cute one is my nephew:)

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i caught all of these on accident.

today was pumpkin days at my dads house. It was a hit. My dad was a proud host:)

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oh and i caught something monumental, boyfriend smiling for the camera. Ok not really for the camera but i was extra sneaky and caught him off-gaurd;) I usually get photos of him chin up eyes down with the coldest expression staring as if the camera challenged him to a duel. he doesnt like pictures. so this was special.

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after carving 15 or so pumpkins total, i stole the seeds:)
and then baked them. yuuuummmm.
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successful day:)