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September 27, 2010


Normally I hate sundays. Its true. The overcrowded restaurants, ancient people that havent taken a driving test in at least 50 years driving impossibly large vehicles, the lot of sinners leaving church for the week only to go home be gluttonous and get tanked, and children...everywhere. It doesnt make for a very pleasant day but sundays are my favorite because its my ONE day off every week. I spent my morning at deserted thrift stores buying these little beauties...

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I'm starting a project with them and I really hope it works out...It has the potential to be insanely cute or just be bad..Ill post photos when I get some done and youll have to tell the truth about them.

After running around all cozy in my stockings and scarves and boots! (finally feels like fall!) I went to watch the cowboys win at buffalo wild wings, took a nap, and watched resident evil 3d! Ok I wasnt excited about the 3d part, its getting old and it gives me headaches but the movie was fantastic. Milla Jovovich is such a badass, right up there with Lara Croft..

So that was my day. How was your weekend?

September 24, 2010

Daily Goal

Its a big one, kids! Ready? Here goes...Open my etsy shop!


Shop here.

Im sooooo excited!

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September 23, 2010

Daily Goals.

but FIRST!...why is it so hot out?!?! i thought it was fall? If i was natures mother i would have my seasons sorted out. but thats just me.

Anyways I thought id post about some goals of mine. Im terrible at setting goals so this may be short lived im a more 'fly by the seat of her pants type o' girl, ya know?' (what movie) I just realized that I havent worked out in quite some time and this part of my life has always been tremendous to me. Its very important to me, Ive always ran and kept my body strong. I also have realized that I havent knitted in awhile but I think I figured that one out I just needed new yarn to get super inspired again, Im in love with grey right now Im working on lots of new things!! But back on topic, goals. Im going to start writing daily goals on here I think it could be fun and im counting on you guys to keep me on track! Daily or weekly? we shall see. Ill start tomoro! oh no... procrastinate much? like i said this may be short lived!


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September 22, 2010

have you ever been to a movie in the middle of the day?

I sure haven't until yesterday. It was quite humorous, the people that go to the theater at 1 in the afternoon. All singles, all old or extremely nerdy...maybe thats why I went? ha! My dad and I went to see The Town (pretty good if I do say so myself) and we were the only 'couple' in there. Interesting. At least now I can say that I've done it. I like being spontaneous like that sometimes. It was pretty indulgent to enjoy greasy popcorn in the middle of the day:)

On another note my etsy cannot be opened until I get a new debit card. Long story short, my purse got stolen. Its been fun. But I do have a name:) knittygrittygarb look for me! and have a fantastic wedenesday! heres some midweek inspiration for you...

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This is a photograph

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i want to go. i do i do!

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wow i love world maps, globes, etc.

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how cute!

well im off to have a date day with the mister. :)

September 20, 2010


Ive been in love with stripes for about 3 years now. I have at least one item of clothing in every style (shirts, tank, tights, boots, socks, dress, head piece) in stripes and I didnt realize how drawn to them I was until my sister pointed it out to me that I wear stripes nearly everytime she sees me... oops? Im sort of in love I guess.

I demand you to take the time to look at this. Its especially beautiful.

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too much? absolutely not.

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black and white stripes with just a bit of easter pastel colors. perrrfect.
In love.

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I cant help it! There just so beautiful!

I cant wait to get my hands on more stripes this fall. The bad thing is they fade super easy but that just gives more of a reason to shop for more right?

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September 19, 2010

i love you because...

our pet names are "stinky".

you show me so much deligthful music.

you look reaalllly pretty playing bass.

you love my art as much as i do which is so important to me.

we play videogames together.

your the best road trip partner.

your super smart.

and...you know fashion better than any girl i know. HA! i said it. embarassment prevails;) He does though, its true, He helps me shop and actually likes it. how fantastic?

I was going to post photos but all our good ones are on his computer and hes being stingy right now, another fun quality about him.

I heart you, boyfriend ♥

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today was my sister Sarahs happy birthday! I think shes fantastic and also my very best girlfriend. Ok so little side story... we're not really sisters but our parents have been married/together since we were five and before that we met when we were in diapers, her mom babysat me. BFF's at first sight? I think so:) so we're basically sisters, right?

Anywhooo shes got some very exciting things happening in her life right now and I'm so proud of her and icantwait to share so soon! We painted pottery today at firehouse and blew out 20 candles on top of a piece of banana pie. I think I know what she wished for too;)

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there were so many candles that there was barely any pie left when we pulled them out...ooops.

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us at firehouse:) its one of myvery favortie things to do

hope your weekend went perfecto!

September 17, 2010

ode to *love* part 1

Today was our happy anniversary! Two whole years! Its hard to think that I was just barely 18 when we met...just a wee lad. I always thought he was way to cool for me;) Here are some of my favorite times ♥ ♥ ♥

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we both agree that traveling and seeing our very favorite bands together is so so important to us. Its our 'thing':) and I kind of love it. Thats all for now Ill sicken you guys with just one more love post tomoro, time to keep celebrating:)

September 12, 2010


This week I recieved/made some very exciting things. My mom was here all week and brought me this beauty...

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Its a vintage sewing box Im in love with the pattern and colors!

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and check out this new ring. pretty, eh? (no make-up, eeek! Ive been suffering a flu all weekend thats a good enough excuse right?)

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and....new headbands! These, I think, are my favorite! It may be just because They're new but I super duper love them<3

September 5, 2010


I got up really early this morning to take some photos of my lovely Grandma Jewel. Her reasoning for wanting some photos was that she was 36 the last time she got any taken and now shes 63, its time, right? I thought so. Here are some of my favorites:

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shes pretty, yes?

I've been working like crazy on my etsy shop merch its looking good:) Im really excited to open it! Thinking... September 20th? yes. I'll share pictures soon soon!