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January 16, 2010


I was going through all my old photos on my comuter and ran across a ton of fun memories from last year. Enjoy.

The birth of little man was the happiest day<3

Watching Wes Borland strip and seeing an amazing new band play. Stolen Babies are sooo cute.

Snow days! Thats me on the back. ha!

Crafting :)

Fun little photo shoots<3

Loving this boy...<3

Saying bye to old friends...


 A summer with this lovely little one. I miss it so much!....sometimes...
This is what we did... He made the big one! 
This boy living here...i love you.

Festive cupcakes :) hah.

Visited this mans show several times throughout the year.

loving old friends.

We learned new tricks with sparklers on my birthday ;) thanks to kassidy
my sisters wedding and broken feets. <3

Thats all for now :) Im vey excited for 2010 its already been beautiful<3 goodnight!