About Me

August 18, 2010

top ten things im extremely grateful for!

10. my job. i truly love it. i couldnt have asked for a better job at this time in my life. it seemed to have fallen into step perfectly with my lifestyle and ive learned so much about technical photography and a positive attitude;)

9. my bicycle. i ride it all the time its my new favorite form of excercise next to running ♥

8. im not pregnant or married. theres a time for everything and 20 years is not the time for either of these things.

7. im happy that i have no religion and im very comfortable with it. id say im 50/50 atheist/agnostic.

6. zombies. im fascinated with all things zombie.

5. blake. i have the best most inspiring best friend in the whole world. i could never explain in words how much that relationship means to me.

4. my family. they're all so supportive and creative and a little bit odd. they've really made it comfortable for me to mature into the person i am right now.

3. patrick, le boyfriend. hes like magic in my life. my deepest, most atrocious fears and problems mean nothing upon looking at him. plus hes cute and plays video games with me... i could go on and on...

2. music.

1. the brain in my head.

the end. im going to watch "im not there" and eat mounds of food because thats what i want to do after this week of pure stress. im not even going to knit because it requires me to think. happy wednesday!


  1. 7 and 8 girl, yessssssssss.
    Me and my bestie joke about being the only ppl on earth who are not married/engaged/pregnant and our age.. haha. :)

  2. i know! i dont whether its humorous or just pathetic.