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February 21, 2010

The best day

Today was wet and cold and gross. but in my world it was beautiful. I spent the whole day with Patrick and since it really feels like I havent seen him in about, oh...3 weeks it was perfecto! We slept in late (like really late!) and then ate some mexican at the villa! at after-church-time (bleh!) so it was over-run with cranky, hungry, christians but we made fun and tipped the waitress extras:)Thennn we stopped a record store, then the mall to shop around a bit, then we made an impromptu stop at the movies to play lord of the rings pinball and see shutter island (!) it was amazing! definitely worth seeing IN theaters. or out but who wants to wait that long for a pure genius event? not me.

I also saw Valentines Day with my sis last night, it was good but really the only thing that made it good was all the amazing actors/actresses (ok amazing is a stretch, we'll say highly famous) it was cute i almost cried once and it made me laugh but i doubt i'll watch it again.

Anyways, on with my day as if anyone cares, we went to barnes and noble to search for good reads...he found an inked magazine, i found nothing but the latest issue of hi-fructose (great magazine but i wasnt impressed with artists as much as the others) so no buy for me. but book stores are always perfect on rainy days... Now we're home he's playing hockey right next to me and reading everything im writing over my shoulder...i played BIOSHOCK! for awhile then took a bath AND im planning to paint later tonight. I never really get in the zone to paint until super late. But Im very very excited about this painting, it is inspired by alice in wonderland (i had to) and its going to be very pretty, hopefully.
welll thats my update for today. Have a lovely week!!

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