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February 24, 2010


Lately Ive been dreaming of growing up way too fast. I want a career, a house, a dog, a studio...health insurance, and my kitty, rosta.
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Thats him. :)
Anyway, I have always run into this problem, my whole life. Im always wanting to be one step ahead of where im supposed to be, its frustrating. so now im at this point where i should be taking it easy, go to college, focus on school and education, and im trying i really am...but im also saving up for a home, a car, a comfy cozy fuzzy place to call MY home. and thats all i really want out of life. to be comfortable and happy and surrounded with love. no parties, no boys, no drama, and ive completely removed myself from all of that. and im happy. im centered. the only thing i could ask for is to have my two best friends in the same town. alas, i cant have everything.
hmmm...i should have saved that for my journal...ive been working on a fun project though! photos later...

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