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March 14, 2010

long time no blog.

Its been awhile since ive written one of these things. Ive been busy busy! florida was a memory ill have to cherish forever and ever. magic. AND my very first trip without a family member. im growin up! ive been working a lot but im not complaining, i dont think ive bought myself anything more than a lemonade at mister bulkys for over a month! its time to bring home the bacon again.

Ive been day dreaming a lot lately of my studio when we get a place i want tons of ray caesar and mark ryden everywhere to inspire me and a record player to play the beautiful music. I want it to be a place where i can relax, all for me. definitely want some of this stuff incorporated as well...

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hanging candles (i imagine that might be a fire hazard....)

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vintage clocks. all with the wrong time.

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christmas lights and tool...:)

my dream. well a tiny piece of it anyway.

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