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May 30, 2010

i am sickened.

Tonight I ran across someone, yes on the internet, BUT it was a certain someone that has really inspired me for at least 3 years now, a someone that made me want to delve deeper into my creative side. journal, scrapbook, paint, craft, draw, and ive loved it, I have grown so much creatively since ive known of her. It is so disappointing to find that one of your idols, in the real world cares nothing about you unless your caring immensely about them. Its a huge let down and a reality check for sure. If i am ever a successful artist or well known in anything i choose to do, i will be nice to everyone and anyone that calls me an idol and will truly be thankful for peoples support. Im convinced that these people dont care about their work, the people , making beautiful art, they care about themselves and what good can come to them from it. I make things and paint and draw because it makes me happy, it brings me peace, and i love letting my mind wander. I dont care if anyone ever sees my work or like it, i do it for myself and it makes me sick to think of how cold-hearted some people can be. yuck. yuckyuckyuck.

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