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June 11, 2010


This week has been the most busy/stressful but equally amazing week ive had since, probably last summer. I started my nanny gig at the beginning of this week and im getting a lot of hours at the studio PLUS this boy is here...
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<3 fiiiiiiiiiinally! today has been my only day off and will be until nest sunday! kill me. or i might kill myself. BUT blake is here so all is well. asnd im verry excited about date night with this man tomoro (he says he has something special for me) hopefully its a lifetime supply of monies so i can quit my job and be a scag for the rest of my days. im. so. tired. So while the best friend has been here he's introduced me to my new drug of choice:the knife. a brother sister band from sweden. The sister is fever ray. I have loved fever ray for awhile now but the knife is so incredibly incredible. here are my favorite songs:

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they have inspired me to paint an extremely elaborate monster/flower style painting :) im excited. i bought canvas today, the tricky part will be finding time to paint... have a good weekend!

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