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June 26, 2010

dream day.

i had a dream day yesterday...:)

-road trip with my love was the perfect way to reconnect after not seeing each other for nearly 3 weeks.


-tea drops. where i had my very first BUBBLE TEA! but the bubbles werent as yummy as i thought. they were actually really yuck. but i would definitely get a bubble tea again just because they are sooo cute! and very yummy if you dont eat the bubbles:)
i got a passion fruit green tea bubble tea. with a chocolate cupcake.
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-power and light district downtown kansas city. OH. M. G. one of the coolest atmospheres to be in.

-we ate at our usual, parked at our usual, and visited our usual shops:) and thennn.....
went to see these boys play (!)

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um, holy geeze it was good. best show besides nine inch nails that ive ever been to. the videos were so inspiring. and the fans were so idiotic that it made me feel good to be me.

OH, and we happended across a fun annual art show. score one for the happy couple:)

it was the perfect day. i love my boyfriend.
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