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November 28, 2010

the holidays are magical.

are you interested in what i have been up too? well, im interested in telling you. in the past two weeks i have:

*been extremely gluttonous
*spent way to much money
*taken care of my broken boyfriend
*set up christmas decorations
*done too much homework
*taken way too many photos of pretty families at work

I'm currently sewing an advent calendar, reading Kat Von D's new book: Tattoo Chronicles, and.............watching hannah montana.... disregard that last one please, erase that fun fact from your memory.

I'll share photos of my beautiful christmas decorations soonsoon (i feel soooo cozy i wish it could be christmas all the time!!)

but first a few of my favorite things this season:
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pinecones are the perfect decoration. cheap and beautiful for festive decor.

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hot cocoa for 2! we love godiva hot chocolate. i love godiva anything:)
fun fact: he buys me godiva chocolates every holiday and birthday!

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cute advent calendar ideas! Im making mine right now.

its almost december! how excited are you?!

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