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February 15, 2011

valentine fail.

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I was a valentine fail this year. good thing I have a pretty boy that doesn't care that I had/have a zombie eye. Heres what happened:

11am- put contact in my right eye

11:01am-put contact in my left eye

11:02am- left eye starts watering profusily

11:04am- rushing running water, eye drops, and fingers in left eye

11:20am-stuck head in bowl full of water and opened eyes

11:25am- stuck towel in left eye

11:30am- called mom crying out of both eyes

12:00pm- saw optometrist to go fishing for contact in left eye

1:00pm- got contact out with major scrapes to the eye, pupil dilated, and neon liquid rushing through eye to help with cuts.

After the horrendous morning i went home and slept and woke up with a crusty red and yellow bulging eyeball. I was the worst valentine ever, but i still got to spend the day with my sweet! and fashioned a pretty nice eye-patch:)

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I got a bunch of sweet treats and managed to make patrick a nice dinner:)

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Happy (late) Valentines Day!

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