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July 1, 2010

four day weekend?!?!

I cant explain the significance of this news. Ive not even had a full day off for a month! I have so many exciting things to catch up on!!! but first, ill need at least 16 hours of sleep.

I have a goal of making 4 new paintings. one for each day im off, even if theyre little. i need to get back into it, i miss my paint, and i have tons of ideas floating around in my head...

also i have a wedding shoot coming up that i need to prepare for and some custom letters to get done before tuesday. I love being busy with my craft:) its the best feeling ever.

Some other plans are to yard sale (!) and of course have a pretty 4th of july. think i can get it all done in 4 days?! hope so.

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i love sparklers. whats your favorite firework???

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