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July 15, 2010


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because i love it.

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and so does gaga.

heres what i think are on my top worst and best coffee places, in my town and maybe yours, too.


panera bread co. i think they have some really gross coffee. unless of course, you like your coffee to taste like acid.

Seattles Best Coffee co. i was browsing around Borders the other day and decided to try a latte from here. yuck. i could have made better at my house. and it may as well have been straight black coffee, not a sip of latte in sight.

Rendevousok i just dont like this place because of the elite attitude seemingly everyone has upon entering the place. coffee houses should be relaxing and zen, yes? i dont wanna feel judged while sipping. though i do love the comfy booths tucked in random corners:) oh and the coffee isn't the best either.

mudhouse dont get me wrong i love the mudhouse, (jet teas?! OMG! too good! chai tea? eye of the tiger, please) but hot coffee? its just not my favorite, its like watered down milk to me and way too sweet...i get frozen "coffees" from the mudhouse when im in the mood for dessert but defintely not for my morning cup.

BUT on the other hand right down the block from this mudhouse i speak of is coffee ethic which starts my list of favorites:) they have THE best lattes, they taste like coffee! weird, right? and not too sweet. they even make little designs in the froth. cute.

starbucks. duh.

olive garden random, right? it MIGHT be totally fake, im not sure, but they have delicious and adorable cup and saucer style specialty coffees. sometimes boyfriend and i go there just for coffee and dessert.

im picky, guess. and ive yet to find the perfect cup o' joe but the search continues....

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