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July 15, 2010

to etsy or not to etsy...

that is the question thats been on my mind for the past, oh....year probably. and i have decided... to etsy. im one part excited and one part impossibly nervous. you see, i have this horrible habit of starting things and NEVER finishing them. thing is, i get really inspired and motivated and then it just dies. and im on to something new. its horrible really, i have about 30 unfinished projects in my studio right now. but i think ive found a solution. possibly. ive been thinking for days of why i do this and what causes me to be so flighty with my art, and i just get bored, i start feeling like it wont matter if i finish anything and something new gets my attention that i must start on right away, and the process continues. so im thinking that creating an etsy account and having something that relies on me to keep creating (you pay for those things, you know)will help tremendously with my little procrastination problem. i also thought about how to keep inspired and ive found an answer to that too: plan ahead. im planning to open my etsy in september until then i will make things fall related so as to not be behind on seasons. working a season ahead seems to be fun and accomplishing as opposed to racing the season to make things that people will still want while they're in season. am i making sense? anyways im going to start with fall/winter things and put them up in september. i hope i dont change my mind about this one because its something ive been wanting to do for a long time. and ibe even made a list of things to make and im really excited to get started on it. its mostly going to be cozy knitted and crocheted adorables but you will see...here are the things that inspired me this morning..

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ummm, how cute? found here

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ahahaha, cute:) i'd wanna be this turtle if i was one. or at least id want a trendy knit coat for my shell. weheartit

and one quick question, why does weheartit take so long to load?
happy thursday:)

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