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October 19, 2010

emotion overload

whoa. This week has been a treat to say the least. So many fabulous things have happened in my personal life and I feel so blessed and lucky for my friends and the opportunities that have presented themselves in my life recently but on the other hand ive got things pulling me very seriously back down to earth... or below. Turns out that loving your family so much is not always a fun time but Id rather be in love with my family and deal with the hard times than have no family at all. Its just sucking the life right out of me right now. Enough of that though, I've got exciting news:) Theres a local independent boutique downtown next to boyfriends record store called iNDie, they sell super adorable hard to find brands for girls and guys PLUS local handmade goodies and Ive been picked up as a seller! I'll be selling my headbands for starters and she wants me to sell paintings as well. I love to paint but its a very personal thing to me. I dont know if I would want to produce to make money, that might take the magic from it but we shall see:) happy tuesday!

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