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October 11, 2010

October love.

October is one of my favorite months! I have been so very inspired to reorganize and decorate my home, shopping like crazy online, i found nothing except this:

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Its from scoxx30 on etsy. i fell in love a bit, somebody please buy it? mr hated it:( he said it was too yellow or something like that. pfft! he knows nothing.

Im making a reading corner in the record space we have now so i need a comfy chair, and table, and bookcase. I found a chair and table...are you ready to experience the magic of this chair?
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Yes, I am the proud new owner of this beauty, we pick it up tomoro!
look at the pattern...
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i died...just a little.
tomoro I have another day off. I plan to get that chair moved in to its new home, decorate the reading area and post lots of pictures!! cant wait. happy monday!

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