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January 16, 2011

hey yo yo!

Support handmade. Support Etsy.

Hey Yo Yo for your fancy party frills and such.

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3D robot cupcake kit!

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cute vintage little indian cupcake toppers!

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vintage camera flash charms. *sigh*

and tons and tons of vintage/handmade party novelties. Im throwing a baby shower for my sister next weekend...i wonder if its too late to order something cute...

This post is the first of hopefully many. Maybe ill do a weekly post of favorite etsy shops! thats optimistic thinking, if youve read my blog more than once you probably know how great i am at making regular posts on here:) ill make no promises but be expecting some good finds. Its hard to separate the exceptional etsy shops out there in cyberspace-i might of assistance, might.

annnnnywho. I had a perfect weekend. Sailor Jerry turned 100 and i celebrated with cake, chocolate, and friends at iNDie and spent the rest of the weekend painting, spending time with loves, and moving my kitty in with us!!! Hes been living at my dads and its been soo nice having him roam around the house with me:) photos to come. Happy almost monday!

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