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January 4, 2011

New Spaces

I have an extra bedroom for crafting and once upon a time it was beautiful but its become sort of a storage room that i ransack every night in search of my yarn and needles. nothing is organized anymore. This has to stop. Im really excited to reorganize my space and make it a beautiful and inspiring studio to craft and paint and draw in:) heres what i love.

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Debees space is perfect for small spaces like mine i love the vertical organization and the yarn at the top! *gasp!* color coordinated yarn is fantastic.

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i love the beautiful tone and mood Danielles space has makes for some serious inspiration. and I love the open storage.

In my space I definitrly want all of my crafts displayed openly, i think their pretty and ill never forget what i have and i have to have all of my yarn in one space...color coordinated. and chalk board paint would be nice...maybe i should take before and after pictures! the cleaning commences TONIGHT! im off to work, ill be back when something fun happens in my life, who knows when that could be?

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