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September 23, 2010

Daily Goals.

but FIRST!...why is it so hot out?!?! i thought it was fall? If i was natures mother i would have my seasons sorted out. but thats just me.

Anyways I thought id post about some goals of mine. Im terrible at setting goals so this may be short lived im a more 'fly by the seat of her pants type o' girl, ya know?' (what movie) I just realized that I havent worked out in quite some time and this part of my life has always been tremendous to me. Its very important to me, Ive always ran and kept my body strong. I also have realized that I havent knitted in awhile but I think I figured that one out I just needed new yarn to get super inspired again, Im in love with grey right now Im working on lots of new things!! But back on topic, goals. Im going to start writing daily goals on here I think it could be fun and im counting on you guys to keep me on track! Daily or weekly? we shall see. Ill start tomoro! oh no... procrastinate much? like i said this may be short lived!

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