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September 27, 2010


Normally I hate sundays. Its true. The overcrowded restaurants, ancient people that havent taken a driving test in at least 50 years driving impossibly large vehicles, the lot of sinners leaving church for the week only to go home be gluttonous and get tanked, and children...everywhere. It doesnt make for a very pleasant day but sundays are my favorite because its my ONE day off every week. I spent my morning at deserted thrift stores buying these little beauties...

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I'm starting a project with them and I really hope it works out...It has the potential to be insanely cute or just be bad..Ill post photos when I get some done and youll have to tell the truth about them.

After running around all cozy in my stockings and scarves and boots! (finally feels like fall!) I went to watch the cowboys win at buffalo wild wings, took a nap, and watched resident evil 3d! Ok I wasnt excited about the 3d part, its getting old and it gives me headaches but the movie was fantastic. Milla Jovovich is such a badass, right up there with Lara Croft..

So that was my day. How was your weekend?

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