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September 19, 2010

Happy Birthday Sister!

Today was my sister Sarahs happy birthday! I think shes fantastic and also my very best girlfriend. Ok so little side story... we're not really sisters but our parents have been married/together since we were five and before that we met when we were in diapers, her mom babysat me. BFF's at first sight? I think so:) so we're basically sisters, right?

Anywhooo shes got some very exciting things happening in her life right now and I'm so proud of her and icantwait to share so soon! We painted pottery today at firehouse and blew out 20 candles on top of a piece of banana pie. I think I know what she wished for too;)

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there were so many candles that there was barely any pie left when we pulled them out...ooops.

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us at firehouse:) its one of myvery favortie things to do

hope your weekend went perfecto!

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