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December 30, 2010

2011 Goals

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Hello Im back with Goals for the new year! Its always a fun way to document everything you can accomplish and really know that your fulfilling yourself. I went through my 2010 new years goals list tonight and was surprised at how much I actually got accomplished from the list!
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I did all of those things and more! Its really important to me to set goals that are realistic for me I could put down that I want to work out everyday for an hour, that wont happen so I put things like pracice yoga or experiment with my camera, things that are fun and inspiring and new. Last year I wanted to paint 50 new paintings before the new year, but I realized I didnt care that much, I paint because its relaxing, that goal made it feel like a job so this year I focused on things that are realistic and fun but also challenging and fulfilling!
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1. Photo book Nature vs. Nurture. This is my BIG goal and Ill explain more later I dont want to jinx it ;)
2.New line at iNDie. Something fun to make that she doesnt already have. Oh and it has to be really cute, too.
3. Draw more. I like to draw and Ive gotten lazy.
4.Self portrait everyday. Explained in an earlier post.
5.Get a dog. This starts with the convincing of the boyfriend.
6.Save money! I suck at saving money.
7.Expand this blog. Blog more. mhm.
8.Travel! Were thinking about a cruise in march!
9.Transfer to MSU by december. :)
Im very inspired by the new year! Happy New years eve! Dont wake up drunk in a dumpster somewhere on the 1st.

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