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December 23, 2010

Christmas Traditions and Tiny New Years Goals

Oh My! It's Christmas Eve Eve! Funny Story: I did all my christmas shopping today. Its one of my traditions, and not a treasured one, it just happens every year.

Other fun christmas traditions include opening our christmas eve pajamas, my mom and dad have done this since I can remember and its one of my very favorite things about christmas.

Sticky buns and homemade hot cocoa at my sisters house christmas morning while opening gifts is another one.

Other ones are yet to be made since my family has undergone some serious changes in the past year but Im looking forward to the change. Its always fun to celebrate the holidays with new traditions and new people. Patrick and I started making homemade apple cider together this year, its the little things that make the winter months so special.

On another note I have a ew new years goals to name off! Im making a full list to share but ill share a few good ones now first:
Goal number 1. save money. Im going to live like a poor person this year.
Goal number 2. Im going to start a flickr account and do a self portrait everyday for the whole year. Im really excited about this and I think its an old game but Im ok with that, itll give me a reason to pick up my camera everyday for just a little bit instead of waiting for a shoot or special occasion. I treat my camera like a baby. I only use it on special occasions because I dont want to break it and its not paid off yet:/ but its time. and Im excited.

Happy Christmas eve eve! Im making cucumber sandwiches and hot cocoa! night!

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