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December 20, 2010


i took newborn baby pictures today of lauren and drews beautiful baby boy, Owen. Ok, hes not just beautiful because hes a baby, this kid is model-ready at 10 days old. heres a peak at my favorite photo from today
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cute, huh?
today was a very big learning experience for me. i take photos of several newborns each day at work and I consider myself quite good at capturing beautiful images but out there in the big bad world, things are not the same. without the lighting, baby posers, and all around atmosphere of a studio its completely different.
Today the lighting was not on my side plus it was really dreary out so i couldnt even place him next to a window for good light, I had to resort to flash photography, not fun. luckily i had a very cute baby to work with and fantastic color schemes, I think it turned out quite well. But I know what to prepare for next time. I love learning and gaining knowledge about my craft. going through the learning process is something that is very special to me. trial and error leads to a very creative process.
Happy Monday:) Im off to watch Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Christmas Special!

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