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March 24, 2011


I have only scrap-booked a couple times in my whole life but have always wanted to make it a steady hobby. The big 12x12 scrapbook paper intimidates me to pieces so I made a mini one to start and i am in love with this craft now!

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My sister, Sarahs pages. I used old book paper, scrap fabric (my favorite prints), buttons, mini polaroids, and graph paper. I also cut out a poem from an old book that reminded me of her:) her page is my favorite!

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The opening and patricks page. I used blank book paper, buttons, fabric and a little bit of paint ♥

Im totally in love with with mini scrapbooks. I love that you can use anything in your house to make them eye-catching and personal. The possibilities are endlessss!

I used a mini edgar allen poe book-set as paper supply, it was perfect size and made for an interesting back ground.
I also have an old view-finder that my grandma got for me lying around. I love view finders. and i love them more for aesthetic design purposes. I made a page for my older sister using one. So pretty.
Theses mini pages were easy to fill and I had so much fun designing pages while listening to muse and the cure. it was like, the perfect night:)


  1. Thanks for following! Pretty blog, lovely photos!


  2. These are so cute.
    i've always been into scrapbooking as well and i have a few that i made... but actually never got to finish any of them cos its either i get too busy or caught up with something else, or i develop a new hobby =).
    thanks for your comment and for following btw! cute blog!


  3. Your scrapbooking (is that a word?) is so pretty! I've always wanted to scrapbook, but I usually end up getting frustrated and give up. Lovely blog :)

  4. my mom got me the headband so it is probably from indie! i love it! :)